Cyrille, the artist behind the work

A passionate photographer who admires the power of the image and its influence through time, he likes to create photographic series to convey emotions and feelings. He invites the viewer to explore them through their story and characters highlighted with a subtle touch of humor and poetry.

He draws his inspiration from painting, cinema and photography to create his works, no doubt that this emerging French artist will delight and surprise our world.

Several times nominated and published in magazines, he likes to show his work in many international exhibitions as in London, Paris, Athens and Monaco.


Re-enchant the World

« Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist »

Painting is an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration.
The painter who instinctively came to my mind for this theme is: Rene Magritte.
This painter brings all the elements of dreams, pictorial, offbeat and humor.
I wanted to re-invent and re-enchant the world through Magritte’s paintings, to pay homage to him through these photographic series.